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2016 Crop Goji Berry Market Report (till Jul.22, 2016)

Author:panda Date:2016/8/25 21:22:04
 Since early July 2016,  Some Goji berry plant areas came into new crop harvest season. Because of abnormal cold weather in Spring, the output of Goji berries decreased approximately 20% in these growing areas. What's more, because Goji berries are usually sun-dried and there are a lot of rainy days since early July, lots of dried Goji berry material are with mould spot, then good quality dried Goji berries are much less than last year right now.


      Even so, we expect there would be no big price up this year, because weak world economy and sale does not support it. Meanwhile, we also expect there would be no big price down like 2015, because the present price of new crop dried Goji berries is reasonable, and big price down in 2015 make speculators lost a great number of money and few speculators came into it, which is a good news for the buyers.

     There are not much new crop dried Goji berries available at present, so new crop Goji berry price is much higher than old crop Goji berries, which made old crop Goji berries enjoy good sale recently, but as long as more and more new crop Goji berries became available, its price would come down, Panda Foods suggest you wait till Sep. at the end of harvest if your demand is not urgent.


     As goji berries harvest season usually begins in July and last till Oct., and some other big Goji berry plant areas are not into harvest yet, it is still too early to make sweeping statement on 2016 new crop dried Goji berries, please pay attention on our website for updated new crop dried Goji berry market infomation.

                2016 new crop Goji berry

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