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Violence and bloodshed caused by black goji berries in China

Author: Date:2016/1/4 20:31:27
criminals gathering
On Aug. 27, 2015 in the morning, hundreds of criminals gathered in main road of Golmud City east and west side. Most of the criminals carried their partner by motorcycles. Their aim is to rob black goji berries. Above picture is criminals gathering.
black goji berries
Golmud is rich of fresh wild black goji berries, the most and best quailty black goji berries comes from Golmud. In recent years, the black goji berries attracked more poeple to pick up illegally.
Since Oct. last year, most grasslands were outsourced to local herdsmen. But not long time after that, thousands of people began to steal black goji berries. Some criminals even against police violently to steal and rob black goji berries.
From Aug.10 till today, over 5000 robbers ransacked 200,000 hectares grasslands. Local herdsmen and even policeman wounded by these criminals.
Guard point was trashed and burned by illegal pickers
Latest news published by local authority, till 5:00 p.m. on Aug.26, 25 illegal pickers were arrested by local police. But till Aug.30, illegal picking still happened on herdsmen's grasslands. In above photo, illegal pickers was selling stolen wild black Goji berries on market. 
The fence and door built newly was broken by illegal pickers
Conflicts between herdsmen and illegal Goji berry pickers, herdsman's car was smashed.
8. The staff employed by contractor on grassland was wounded by illegal pickers.
Intentionally destroy resource of wild black Goji berries is illegal